Caribbean Stud Poker

Having only been around since the late 1980s, Caribbean stud poker is one of the newest mainstream casino games.

The object of the game is to have a higher ranking poker hand than the dealer's. However, the skill is in judging whether to fold or treble your original bet after you see your cards and the dealer's one up card.

The progressive jackpot is a side bet that will usually only cost one credit to play. High ranking hands receive extra payouts with a Royal Flush triggering the jackpot.

New to Caribbean Stud Poker? These are for you...

  • Caribbean stud poker is one of the few games combining luck and skill.
  • The objective of the game is to get a higher-ranking hand than the dealer.
  • The player's options, once being dealt their cards are to either fold or raise.
  • Side bet prizes start paying out with a flush and increase according to how good your hand is.
  • A key aspect of Caribbean stud poker is the progressive jackpot, which features in the vast majority of games.
  • Officially the house edge is around 5.24% but the fact that you have the choice to make a second bet or not reduces it to 2.54%
  • Always play the progressive jackpot side bet – if you like money that is.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker only became popular in the US after the progressive jackpot was added to it. However, in land based European and UK casinos it has remained unappreciated. This has meant that for anyone in Europe looking to play Caribbean stud, there's only one place to go - online.

The biggest benefit of playing the game online is the fact that the progressives get much bigger than those in land based casinos. This is because more people are able to play at a time and as a result the jackpot increases quicker.

A Jackpot Makes All the Difference

Unlike many of the casino games that are featured on, Caribbean stud poker doesn't date back centuries. For that reason we almost definitively can say how the game started out – sort of.

Binion's Horseshoe Casino Binion's Horseshoe Casino - where Caribbean stud poker began

The story starts with a mystery poker player in Binion's Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. Having lost a lot of money, this man offered to teach a fellow gambler named James Suttle a new casino game in exchange for a loan of $5,000.

Suttle was good friends with casino owner and game developer Danny Jones and made the deal with the poker player with the intention of selling the game on to Jones. He did this and Jones began to offer the game out to cruise boats and other casinos in the Caribbean (hence the game's name).

Initially, Caribbean stud poker was met with an average amount of enthusiasm, with players enjoying the game but finding the payouts a bit mundane. Fortunately a solution to this problem came courtesy of software engineer Michael Titus.

Titus had played the game before and happened to be at Jones' poker table in Binion's Horseshoe when they got to discussing the game. He recommended that the way to keep people interested was to introduce an extra benefit for the player. As we all know, this extra benefit came in the form of a progressive jackpot.

Since then the game's profile has continued to increase and Caribbean stud poker can now be found in many Las Vegas casinos and others across North America. Unfortunately, it's yet to really catch on in European casinos but at least everyone in the UK now has access to it through the internet.