Casino Bonus Blog /blog Subscribe to this blog and get up-to-the-minute news on special online casino offers and bonuses. Thu, 04 Dec 2008 18:22:54 +0000 en Casino Blunder may cost up to $29 Million /blog/2008/12/casino-blunder-may-cost-up-to-29-million-2/ /blog/2008/12/casino-blunder-may-cost-up-to-29-million-2/#comments Thu, 04 Dec 2008 17:59:05 +0000 Jackpot, Editor bonus blog /blog/2008/12/casino-blunder-may-cost-up-to-29-million-2/ Hollywood Casino, located in Philadelphia, USA, have suffered from a serious blunder which may see them lose up to $29 million. In an attempt to thank its most active players over the year, Hollywood casino originally intended to mail out 1,000 $100 free slots play and buffet coupons, but accidentally sent the promotion to 55,000 other players, who are also listed on the casino players database.

Hollywood casino are laying the blame on an unspecified mailing company, but have said that rather than reject the coupons, they will partially honour them. Players that claim the coupon by Christmas will have them redeemed fully, but players who attempt to claim after will have missed out on the offer. Of course, players can hold the casino up to accepting the coupon, to which a Hollywood casino spokesman has replied “that (whether or not to claim the offer after Christmas) is something that the customer will have to decide”.

Still, for some very lucky Hollywood casino gamers, Christmas really has come early.

Southend Casino Searches for Star /blog/2008/11/southend-casino-searches-for-star/ /blog/2008/11/southend-casino-searches-for-star/#comments Fri, 28 Nov 2008 18:39:10 +0000 Jackpot, Editor bonus blog /blog/2008/11/southend-casino-searches-for-star/ With the recent popularity of the X Factor (take a look at Paddy Power’s odds if you want to see how close the competition is), a casino in Essex has decided to take their chances and hopefully launch the next UK superstar. Rendezvous Casino, in Southend, are offering the lucky winner £1,000 and a mentoring contract with Choice Entertainment, provided they get through the heats in January, Febuary and March, as well as winning the final in April.

The winner will also be paid to perform at the casino. The casino’s marketing director, Jacqueline Collins has suggested that “this will be a fantastic way for a singer to show their true talent and take the title of Rendezvous Star Search 2009 singing live in front of an audience and judges.” We reckon that with the current economic climate, it’s also a sneaky way of getting players and would-be-players back into their casino as well.

Power Hour Bonus Offer at Intercasino /blog/2008/11/take-part-in-the-power-hour-at-intercasino/ /blog/2008/11/take-part-in-the-power-hour-at-intercasino/#comments Wed, 26 Nov 2008 18:02:12 +0000 Jackpot, Editor bonus blog /blog/2008/11/take-part-in-the-power-hour-at-intercasino/ From the 28th of November until the 30th (Friday through till Sunday), Intercasino are hosting their legendary Power Hour! To take part, you simply have to be in the casino during a Power Hour, wager £200 on certain games and in return you’ll receive a free £10…Now that’s the type of investment we like to hear about!

Remember, when you see the Power Hour logo, scroll over to reveal the bonus code, then wager £200 on the games included in the Power Hour group and be ready to reap the rewards of your free £10. The Power Hour lasts 60 minutes (duh!), so remember to wager the £200 during this alloted time in order to receive your bonus. Intercasino often offer great casino bonuses and we at Jackpot always try to bring you all the news about casino offers and tips.

Germany vs. England odds /blog/2008/11/germany-vs-england-odds/ /blog/2008/11/germany-vs-england-odds/#comments Wed, 19 Nov 2008 14:40:29 +0000 Jackpot, Editor bonus blog /blog/2008/11/germany-vs-england-odds/ While ITV are proclaiming that Germany will “once again” be England’s “stomping ground”, Paddy Power are taking their chances and offering up a variety of odds on the match. Gamblers can take advantage of a whole host of odds, ranging from 500-1 if England score 10-0 against Germany and 6-4 if England win. Paddy Power have also decided to refund any losing bets on 1st/last goal scorer, correct score and also scorecast singles if the last goal in the match is scored by a header. The main bet on offer, Win-Draw-Win, has the following odds:

Germany - 6-5
Draw - 11-5
England 12-5

The top England odds for first goal scorer are as follows:

J. Defoe - 7-1

D. Bent - 8-1

P. Crouch - 8-1

G. Agbonlahor  - 9-1

T. Wallcott - 10-1

To place your bets on the Germany vs. England match, head over to Paddy Power, where you’ll find these odds and more.

Hull City Strikers King and Windass Fight in Casino /blog/2008/11/hull-city-strikers-king-and-windass-fight-in-casino/ /blog/2008/11/hull-city-strikers-king-and-windass-fight-in-casino/#comments Thu, 13 Nov 2008 17:37:39 +0000 Jackpot, Editor bonus blog /blog/2008/11/hull-city-strikers-king-and-windass-fight-in-casino/ Two Hull City strikers, Dean Windass and Marlon King, are heading towards an uncertain future at the football club, in light of their recent 3am scrap at Opera House casino in Scarborough. It had previously been rumoured that Windass and King were at odds with one another, due to the fact that 28 year old King has now replaced 39 year old Windass as the main Hull City striker.

According to eye-witness reports, it was King who landed the first blow, after Windass had said something that, according to a witness, “had him raging like a bull”. King was able to headbutt Windrass in the face before fellow players broke up the fight and it looks like both King and Windrass will be fined two weeks pay, which between them will total in at £88,000. The casino manager of the Opera House has played the incident down, suggesting that “there was a fracas, but it only lasted a minute or two”.

Kentucky Gambling Domain Debate Roars On… /blog/2008/11/kentucky-gambling-domain-debate-roars-on/ /blog/2008/11/kentucky-gambling-domain-debate-roars-on/#comments Wed, 05 Nov 2008 16:44:40 +0000 Jackpot, Editor bonus blog /blog/2008/11/kentucky-gambling-domain-debate-roars-on/ With reports coming in that the hearing for the fate of 141 Kentucky gambling domains has been pushed back until December, both mainstream gaming companies and grass-roots movements are moving against the hearing.

iMEGA, the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, who were “founded to foster cooperation between the online industry and government”, stepping up the pace and starting a petition, grass-roots groups like Boycott Kentucky are now jumping in on the campaign, by suggesting that Governor Steve Beshear is acting against civil liberties and the rights of Americans.

While their efforts are admirable, online gaming software providers clearly aren’t taking any chances, and Microgaming, one of the largest online poker operators around, have implemented a block on thirteen states within the U.S, including Kentucky. Microgaming power the prominent poker site Doyle’s Room, one of the sites earmarked by Beshear for confiscation. It seems that more casino operators and software providers will be blocking access to Kentucky residents, but with the next hearing not scheduled until December 2008, it’s unlikely we’ll reach any sort of conclusion before 2009.

Next Doctor Who Odds /blog/2008/10/next-doctor-who-odds/ /blog/2008/10/next-doctor-who-odds/#comments Thu, 30 Oct 2008 11:48:49 +0000 Jackpot, Editor bonus blog /blog/2008/10/next-doctor-who-odds/ David Tennant’s announcement that he will be leaving Doctor Who, the popular BBC TV series, after 4 specials in 2009, hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans, producers…and even bookies! Paddy Power, who also offer X Factor betting have revealed the odds for who will be the next doctor who. The usual suspects are all featured, including Robert Carlyle, star of The Full Monty and 28 Weeks Later, as well as James Nesbitt, although Nesbitt has publicly excluded himself from the list, suggesting he won’t play the doctor in the forseeable future.

Outsiders in the race to become the next doctor include Ricky Gervais, Vinnie Jones and even Robbie Williams. Surprisingly, Patterson Joseph is top of the list, who has previously starred in Doctor Who episodes as Rodrick, when ninth doctor Christopher Eccleston was in charge of the Tardis.Below are the odds for the next doctor who, courtesy of Paddy Power:

Patterson Joseph 3-1

David Morrisey 5 -1

James Nesbitt 6-1

John Simm 8-1

Russell Tovey 10-1

Anthony Head 10-1

Richard E. Grant 14-1

Alan Davies 16-1

Jason Statham 18-1

Aidan Gillen 18-1

Harry Lloyd 18-1

Ben Wishaw 20-1

Julian Walsh 20-1

Nigel Harman 20-1

Bill Nighy 25-1

Stephen Fry 25-1

Chiwetel Ejiofor 25-1

John Barrowman 33-1

David Suchet 33-1

Marc Warren 33-1

Paul Bettany 33-1

Christopher Eccleston 40-1

Joel Beckett 40-1

Dean Lennox Kelly 50-1

Christopher Villiers 66-1

Ricky Gervais 80-1

Vinnie Jones 100-1

Hugh Grant 100-1

Robbie Williams 150-1

Interestingly enough, John Simm, John Barrowman, Christopher Eccleston, Anthony Stuart Head and even Hugh Grant have all appeared in Doctor Who in one form or another, but it’s Patterson Joseph, another Who star, that is top of the list, we reckon your money should be on him, if you’re thinking of betting.

Kentucky Court Reveals Ruling /blog/2008/10/kentucky-court-reveals-ruling/ /blog/2008/10/kentucky-court-reveals-ruling/#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2008 12:47:48 +0000 Jackpot, Editor bonus blog /blog/2008/10/kentucky-court-reveals-ruling/ Following on from our recent stories about the seizure of 141 gambling related websites in Kentucky, Judge Thomas Wingate has ruled that some of the sites in question, including, Poker Stars and Bodog, all have 30 days to block Kentucky residents trying to access their sites. If any of these sites forfeit this rule, then a court hearing will be scheduled and the domains could be confiscated. Many poker fans and public right groups are outraged, suggesting both that poker is in fact a game of skill and this ruling impeaches on the rights of Kentucky citizens. The next scheduled hearing is in November, when sites such as Golden Palace will be able to make representations claiming that sites such as theirs do not actually offer gambling, just promote it. As always, will keep you updated.

Last day to join in Blackjack Bonanza Tournament at Intercasino… /blog/2008/09/last-day-to-join-in-blackjack-bonanza-tournament-at-intercasino/ /blog/2008/09/last-day-to-join-in-blackjack-bonanza-tournament-at-intercasino/#comments Tue, 30 Sep 2008 12:05:30 +0000 Jackpot, Editor bonus blog /blog/2008/09/last-day-to-join-in-blackjack-bonanza-tournament-at-intercasino/ Yes, you heard it here first (or at Intercasino’s website); it’s the last day to join the Blackjack Bonanza tournament at Intercasino. The tournament has been running from the 21st of September until the 30th and to join in the Blackjack fun all you have to do is place £10 in the kitty and you will be credited with a £500 tournament token balance. If you can beat the dealer the most, you could walk away with up to £100, not bad at all if you ask us! So what are you waiting for? Head over to Intercasino and get playing!

Tournament Details:

  • Tourney name: Blackjack Bonanza Tournament
  • Game: Multi Player Blackjack
  • Entry fee: £10
  • Begins: 21st September 2008 at 00h01 GMT
  • Ends: 30th September 2008 at 23H59 GMT


  • 1st Place: £100
  • 2nd Place: £50
  • 3rd-6th Place: £25
Kentucky legislation continues… /blog/2008/09/kentucky-legislation-continues/ /blog/2008/09/kentucky-legislation-continues/#comments Fri, 26 Sep 2008 15:11:57 +0000 Jackpot, Editor bonus blog /blog/2008/09/kentucky-legislation-continues/ Following on from our previous blog post about Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear clamping down on online casinos whose URL’s are based in Kentucky, gamers will be interested to know that the state have now taken charge of two gaming sites, and A quick domain search reveals that these sites are now owned by the Kentucky Justice Cabinet…Scary stuff. On 07/10/08 (7th October, 2008) a hearing will begin to decide the fate of another 141 gaming websites, including and

According to the Justice Cabinet Secretary though, High Rollers Lounge and Lucky Pyramid Casino were not shut down by them, even though their details are now listed on the domain. As you would expect, will keep you updated with all the goings on in Kentucky.