ITV Gamble on Mr Selfridge

Jeremy Piven in his role as Mr SelfridgeJeremy Piven in his role as Mr Selfridge

Given that Mr Selfridge received viewing ratings of more than 7 million and has been trending all day on Twitter, it's safe to say that most people are quite keen on the new ITV show.

The show, starring Jeremy Piven, aired for the first time last night at 9pm and maintained roughly 30% share of the audience throughout its hour and a half running time.

The show is based on the exploits of Harry Selfridge as he moved to London with the intention of setting up the best department store in the world. With only the first of ten episodes having been we haven't really learnt much about Mr Selfridge himself.

It will be interesting to see whether the show makes note of the store-owner's fondness for a flutter. He and his two 'companions' were often found at the baccarat tables and later in his life Selfridge even bought into a couple of casinos. Without giving away too much, despite having won considerable amounts at certain stages, the tables weren't always particularly kind to Selfridge.

It's estimated that over the years he lost about £5,000,000 in casinos and this eventually caught up with him. To read more about Mr Selfridge's fondness for gambling, check out our pre-existing article on the man himself.


ITV have taken a bit of a gamble with their new logo too don't you think?

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