The Best Casino Christmas Presents

Christmas Present

Most people look forward to Christmas and understandably so. All of the time off work, lots of food, drink and parties are undoubted benefits of this time of the year.

But the more cynical among us see this time of year for standing in queues waiting for hours on end to buy presents for all of your nearest and dearest. But even that's the easy part of present buying, first you have to decide what you're going to get.

So in order to help with the tricky task of present buying we've put together a list of some of the most popular casino-themed presents.

Playing Cards

Getting a pack playing cards might sound like a pretty boring present but for some it might be just right – and not just for magicians. While a standard pack come pretty cheaply you can get some pretty cool cards if you look hard enough.

For example, in 2010 Christies auctioned off a set of silver playing cards from the 17th century. As if that didn't make them special enough, they were also made out of silver, pretty impressive we're sure you agree. Costing more than £150,000 these were probably at the pricier end of casino presents but there's plenty more out there if your budget doesn't stretch quite that far.

You can get personalised playing cards, themed playing cards and even large novelty playing cards which can make even the dullest of games quite amusing.

Shot Roulette

Rather than spinning the roulette wheel for real money, some prefer to play for fun and what's more fun than drinking 16 shots?

This is certainly one for the party animals and is definitely and entertaining way of starting, or finishing, a night out. Unfortunately they don't actually have these in real casinos so you'll have to play at home but seeing as these wheels are usually pretty cheap they're not a bad idea.

Basically, each person takes a turn to spin the wheel and whichever shot ends up in front of them or next to a designated area of the wheel has to be drunk. Having thought about it this is probably a more suited present to one of the younger generation (not too young obviously!) but is a guaranteed people pleaser.

Poker Set

Poker sets have become pretty common now. The poker boom of the last ten years has meant that many a group of friends often get together every now and then, sit around a table, have a few drinks and play some poker.

The reason for the popularity of a 'poker night' is that it can be a chilled out, easy and cheap night. All you need is a room, preferably a table and some chairs and a poker set.

Poker sets can be bought at loads of different stores and range from basic cheap ones up to WSOP and casino branded tables. An entire set usually consists of some cards, chips and even a cloth to play on if you're lucky.

Trip to a Casino

If you're a big spender looking to buy a gift for someone very special to you then you can never go far wrong with a holiday. And while you're going on holiday, it would be rude not to go to a casino, right?

Well, the obvious place for casinos is Las Vegas and if you haven't been there then it really is worth a visit. Also, thanks to the recent recession room prices aren't as high as you would expect them to be. Plus, if you're not into casinos there's still plenty to do without gambling.

Aside from America's playground, Macau is now the biggest casino destination in terms of revenue while Singapore isn't all that far behind. If you're looking to stay a bit closer to home then Monte Carlo is the obvious choice with its luxurious hotels, restaurants and, of course, casinos.

Casino Game Guide

There's one thing to say about casino game guides, there are a lot of them. These books fill shelves within stores and the challenge is determining what's actually going to help from what's going to confuse.

One of the main ways of doing this is to check if the guide is written by a first-time author. If it is, be wary. But some authors, such as Avery Cardoza have written loads of useful casino game guides and the fact that he's able to write more must mean that past ones were successful.

Also, make sure the book is published by a respectable publisher. Well known companies such as University of Nevada Publishing and the more main stream publishing houses won't be publishing something if they don't think it's up to scratch.

A word of warning when buying these though, the person you're getting it for must be very keen on the game in question. These guides can be quite complex and take a while to get through and most casual users will probably fail to see them through.

Casino Fiction

Given the glamour, excitement and mystery surrounding casinos, it's no surprise that they've often been the setting or subject of various bits of fiction.

Books, films and TV shows are filled of casino-related themes so to round up our list of casino themed presents we'd share a few of our favourites. James Bond's Casino Royale is certainly up there in the top films as is 21 which is about a group of card counters from MIT. The Ocean's trilogy is also a big hit with a star-studded cast while Casino and Casino Jack have also found many fans.

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