Ghostbusters Called at bet365

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Ghostbusters fans have been teased with gossip and rumours about a possible upcoming cinematic reunion of the original cast for some time now.

And while reports that Bill Murray has signed on to the upcoming sequel may have been exaggerated, and Rick Moranis officially retired back in 1997, there's one place you can call on for some spooky slots action linked to your favourite film franchise.

Ghostbusters has launched at Games at bet365, adding to a list of over 200 titles available at the site, from classic casino games to film-related slots titles like The Dark Knight.

But with the sheer number of bonus features available on Ghostbusters, you might find yourself shunning the newer big-budget blockbusters in favour of your childhood favourite.

In regular play, there are four features that could show themselves at any time, including Credits Gag, Extra Wilds, Wild Reels and Multiplier Gag.

The Stay Puft Free Spins Bonus may make you pleased to see the marshmallow man as he wreaks a profitable trail of destruction across your reels.

And finally, the Ballroom Busters Bonus puts you in charge of your own Proton Pack as you aim to trap as many ghouls and spirits as you can, and unlock prizes and payouts in the process.

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