Betfair Casino's Presidential Election Promotion

Presidential Election 2012 Betfair

It's time to choose your candidate in the US presidential election race - at least, if you want to be in with a chance of winning up to £1,000 at Betfair Casino.

The site has come up with its own take on the election, and has rebranded the candidates as Barack 'Robin Hood' Obama and Mitt 'Millionaire' Romney.

In order to join in the promotion, you need to choose one of the two, and opt in by clicking the appropriate button - but be warned, you can only opt in once, and only to one candidate.

Once you've made your choice, wager £1 or more on individual spins of the appropriate game - Robin Hood for Obama, or Who Wants to be a Millionaire? for Romney.

You'll earn a point for each £1+ spin you make on your chosen game, although spins you make on the opponent's title won't count towards your total.

On election day, November 6th, the game that has scored the most spins across all players will be declared the winner.

Prizes from £1,000 for first place, down to £10 for 50th, will be awarded to those players who made the most qualifying spins.

Those who chose the runner-up title will still be in with a shot however, with prizes half the size of those for the winning game, and awarded in the same way.

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