£1 Million Bet Marks New Mobile Casino

Roller Casino £1 Million Bet

Irish bookmaker and online casino operator Paddy Power are well known for many things. But subtlety and discretion are not two of them.

In-keeping with their tradition of audacious promotions the company will be providing one person the chance to make a £1 million bet on just one spin of the roulette table.

The promotion is to celebrate the launch of the mobile casino app developed by the company – Roller Casino. This mobile casino is the first of its kind and can be downloaded from Apple's App Store.

It's native to iPhones and iPads which means players can spin the roulette wheel themselves and tilt their device to take part in slot bonus rounds.

The promotion itself is based on Facebook. Players are required to like Roller Casino on the social network and then have to find at least 35 hidden icons to unlock the final challenge. The final challenge will require players to complete a sentence and one lucky person will be selected from those who do so correctly.

This person will be taken to a secret location to place a single chip on any number on the roulette table. From here on its simple, if their number comes up they win £1 million.

As if that wasn't pressure filled enough, this will all be filmed and broadcast live on Facebook with the host of Channel 4 game show The Bank Job George Lamb presenting.

The promotion begins tomorrow (November 15) and a new set of clues will be released everyday until November 24.

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