The Penny Drops with $400k Payout

Anita S Instant Fortune Slot WinAnita with her novelty cheque

One Midwest casino proved it's not only Las Vegas where dreams come true, as a penny slots player at Four Winds in New Buffalo saw her financial fortunes changed dramatically earlier this month.

Anita S, a resident of Plymouth, Indiana, had headed to the Michigan-based casino specifically to play on the QuarterMillion$ Instant Fortune penny slot.

In early October, she had told her sister of her plan - and on October 21st she arrived at Four Winds and started playing on the exact machine she had singled out.

Even a sceptic would have to wonder if she'd had some kind of premonition, as Anita watched the wide-area progressive jackpot pay out a massive $409,722.

Described as being "one of the highest minimum progressive jackpots ever for a three-quarter, instant-pay slot", the QuarterMillion$ Instant Fortune lives up to its name, resetting to an even $250,000 when it is won.

However, Anita's win came following a steady climb by the main prize, taking it to almost double its starting point.

The lucky punter said she will use the money to clear both her mortgage and her student loans - and it seems likely she'll have plenty left over to treat herself as a reward for rightly predicting the payout, too.

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