New Deal makes 32Red Casino More Secure than ever

It's very unlikely that you've ever had any problems anyway, but now you can be safe in the knowledge that there's even less chance of 32Red Casino suffering any technical problems.

The Gibraltar-based online casino has struck a new deal with Spook Ltd which will allow them to receive early warnings about weather and other factors that could upset their IT systems.

The new detection system is so conclusive that it will monitor power failures, air conditioning problems and water ingress. All of this is so that 32Red's servers aren't damaged and can continue to provide 32Red's usual service around the clock.

This usual service is something that's been impressing many recently. 32Red picked up the award for casino operator of the year just last night at the EGR Awards. That was no surprise really as 32Red certainly aren't strangers to winning awards.

Speaking about the new deal, Graham Campbell, 32Red's IT directors said: "Given the nature of our business and the service we provide, the reliance on our IT infrastructure is extremely high."

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