Oxfam in £100,000 William Hill Bet

The story of how charity Oxfam came to be involved in a £100,000 bet with William Hill isn’t quite as strange as may appear at first.

The popular UK bookmaker and online casino operator took a bet back in 2003 from an Oxford resident name Nick Newlife. Newlife wagered that Roger Federer would win seven Wimbledon Tennis Championship mens singles titles before 2019. Now it’s eight years later and Federer will complete this feat if he should win this years competition.

Unfortunately, Newlife is no longer with us after passing away in 2009. However, before he did so he was generous enough to write the beneficiaries of the bet in to his will as Oxfam. This means that should the bet come good and Federer does manage to win his seventh Wimbledon title in the next eight years then Oxfam will benefit from the grand total of £101,840.

The bet was placed in a William Hill high street store where Newlife was given odds of 66/1. This means that other than the usual reasons to support Federer we now have one more!

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