Irish Super Casino Approved

The plans for a €460 million (£405 million) Las Vegas-style casino in Ireland, have been given the go-ahead by planners.

The 6,000 sq metre casino, which is to be built near Thurles in Tipperary, will be a Vegas-style casino in every possible way with plans for a replica of the White House and a church with 18 metre high steeple already in place.

Other features to be included in the new resort are an 18-hole golf course, equestrian centre, health spa and swimming pool, and horse and greyhound tracks. In addition to all of this, the hotel will house 500 5* rooms, making it the largest in Ireland.

The planning committee gave the scheme the green light following a thorough review of plans made and noted that the project should help to “transform the economic, cultural and social life of Tipperary and the entire region.”

However, there are still yet more hurdles to be covered if the casino is to finally take shape. Most notable of these it the reform of the gambling laws in Ireland which would be required if the casino is to operate. There are also 32 conditions with which the development would have to conform to in order to maintain backing from the Irish government.

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