Betfair Create New Customer Commitment

Betfair have vowed to maintain a number of promises to customers in order to ensure that they offer the best possible service. The online operator runs a number of online betting products including the Betfair casino, sports betting, bingo and poker.

The commitment includes 14 promises which the company say they will adhere to and regularly report on their success. These 14 promises were divided in to five categories; customer protection, integrity, customer service, communication, and product and technology.

While none of their products are directly mentioned, there are a number of these promises that spell very good news for Betfair casino users. To begin with, they’ve ensured complete security for the personal and banking details of customers and will protect customers using a number of online security tools.

Also of particular use to casino customers is the promises relating to customer service. Betfair have promised to be contactable at all ours, resolve enquiries quickly as well as being helpful and professional while doing so.

All of these are big ticks in our book so hopefully Betfair casino will continue to go from strength to strength.

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