Betfair Casino’s Live Dealer Races

Betfair Casino has gone from strength to strength in recent years. This has been thanks in part to the use of a number of new technologies and games that have allowed them to provide a realistic casino environment.

When it comes to replicating the experience of a land based casino online, there are few things better than the live dealer games that are available across online casinos. Betfair have certainly made the most of these games before and are doing so again by running £20,000 Live Dealer Races.

These races are available on live blackjack and roulette games and will be rewarding players with around £10,000 per race. Of this prize pool, £5,000 is the top prize which will be handed out to the winners of the blackjack and roulette races. From there, there are also prizes of £2,500, £1,000 and many others with the top 20 from each race receiving a cash prize.

These races began yesterday and will continue until the end of the month (June 30) where a number of players stand to be the recipients of some hefty prizes.

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