Volcano Ash Betting

It’s not exactly the sort of thing that you would have imagined betting on before. But since the closure of Britain’s skies back in April last year and the erupting of another volcano this week, Paddy Power are offering people the chance to bet on whether airports will be closed.

Bets can be made on which days Dublin, Heathrow and Manchester airport might be closed with odds varying from 50/1 to 8/1. Odds of 8/1 are the shortest being offered and they are for Manchester airport to be closed on May 27. The terms of all of these bets state that the airport must be closed for at least one hour and that an airport spokesperson must attribute the closure to volcanic ash.

Some shrewd punters who were hoping to go on holiday during the next few weeks have even bet that the airport will be closed on the date of their departure. By doing so, these people are putting themselves in a win-win situation. They’ll either win some money or go on holiday. Very nice!

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