Giant Jackpot Strikes at PartyCasino

PartyCasino have been experienced some incredibly high jackpots over the last few weeks, even for them!

The Big One jackpot that is the popular online casino’s largest jackpot has reached its highest ever amount at more than £2,400,000. The Big One consists of five different levels. These include Colossal Cash which is the biggest of the lot at a little less than £1 million on its own. Some of the slots that you need to get playing if you want to get lucky are Melon Madness and Snowbusiness which both have a history of handing out large jackpots.

Speaking of large jackpots, last week saw one in the form of a £1,200,000 win. The jackpot was won while playing the SuperStar slot after just £50 having been deposited. The winner, Cameeq8, described the moment the jackpot as a “dream come true” and claimed that she planned to “pay off debts, provide education for [her] children, fix [her] house and travel and relax.”

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