Birmingham Casino Employee Tried to Scam £5,000

Two men have been found attempting to cheat the Maxims Casino in Edgbaston out of little less than £5,000. One of the men, a croupier at the casino, was seen on CCTV attempting to rig a roulette wheel.

His accomplice then came into the casino and began playing the slots that were linked to the rigged roulette table. The croupier would then stretch and scratch his head to signal that he was attempting to fix the spin. The prosecuting lawyer claimed that the croupier would then drop an object on to the table as the wheel spun. This would usually result in a void spin but the croupier then picked up the ball and placed it on ten, the number which had been bet on by the accomplice.

This method earned the two £4,600 in one visit, which was cashed out and split between them. This all took place back in July last year and just six months after the croupier had been arrested for array.

Both men were found guilty with the croupier being sentenced to nine months imprisonment suspended for two years, 260 hours unpaid work and a six month curfew.

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