32Red Casino Continuing to Celebrate Swansea’s Success

As Swansea City FC’s attempts to make their way in to the Premier League, 32Red Casino keep getting more and more excitable. This has resulted in another bonus, this time in the form of a 100% Wembley bonus.

Swansea City FC beat Nottingham Forest 3-1 on Monday to book a date at Wembley where they will face Reading FC. Even if you’re not that interested in football then you’ll still be happy about Swansea’s progress, as 32Red will now be giving away a 100% bonus. This means that from today until the May 26, players depositing in the casino will receive double the amount of chips that they pay for up to the value of 32 chips.

So, deposit 32 chips and receive a generous 64 to play with in the casino. One thing is for certain, we’ll be supporting Swansea in their upcoming game as who knows what bonus might be sprung upon us if they get promoted!

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