Man City Striker Gives Away Money After Big Casino Win

Mario Balotelli, Manchester City’s £24 million man, has shown that in addition to his football talent, he also knows his way around a casino. The Italian hasn’t created the best image for himself since his arrival in England at the end of last summer, but showed his compassionate side by giving £1,000 to a homeless man after his win.

Balotelli had been out at Manchester’s 235 Casino where he had managed to build up winnings of around £25,000 after a few hours gambling. The 20 year-old, who is known for his bad-boy temperament, then left the casino and gave the £1,000 to a man who often wanders around the town with ginger dreadlocks, a beard and two carrier bags full of all his possessions.

It is unclear about how Balotelli managed to build up such impressive casino gambling wins, but it has to be said that with his £150,000 per week wage, he doesn’t really need them.

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