US Online Gambling Legislation Gathers Speed

The Wall Street Journal has recently published an article on the future of online gambling in the US, discussing the possibility of New Jersey legalising online casinos – and how this would affect other states in the US. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is expected to decide whether to legalise gambling in the state this week. If governor Christie goes forward with the plans, then according to Anthony Cabot, an online gambling law specialist, then we’ll  soon “will see other states go ‘aha” and introduce legislation for online casinos.

However, those of us who have been following the ongoing battle between online gambling and the US federal law system for a while might automatically ignore this new wave of optimism. After all, over the past few years several states have discussed legalising online casinos, poker, or both.

While various pieces of legislation have been pushed by gambling proponents before, it wouldn’t be too optimistic to suggest that there’s a possibility Governor Christie may sign the bill and legalise online casinos.  However, it’s worth observing that the bill will only legalise online casinos provided by operators within the state – So don’t expect any purely online casinos to start legally offering their services in New Jersey.

It’s believed that Governor Christie will either sign or veto the gambling bill by Thursday – so until then, the online gambling industry waits with baited breath.

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