Top Gear Star Jeremy Clarkson in Crown Casino Altercation

Jeremy Clarkson, the star of  Top Gear apparently “shirt-fronted” a fellow diner at a restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. The star was enjoying a “private dinner” at Guiseppe Arnaldo & Sons, in Crown Casino, when Top Gear fan Michael Garner attempted to snap a photo of Clarkson on his phone.

According to Garner, Clarkson then stormed over and “shirt-fronted” the unlucky fan. Garner has told the Herald Sun newspaper that after Clarkson came over to him, he “thought it could be on”.  However, one of the Top Gear star’s colleagues smoothed over the situation, although Garner admitted that Clarkson didn’t apologise for his actions.

A spokesperson for Top Gear has suggested that Clarkson and his colleagues were enjoying a “private dinner and their privacy was invaded”.

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