Charlie Sheen Betting Odds

Following a series of revelations in the press, pretty much everyone is talking about Charlie Sheen and his – interesting - life choices. Paddy Power is now offering a range of ‘The Machine’ (Charlie Sheen’s nickname) related bets and while none of them are tiger blood themed, there are still enough betting options available for Sheen fans.

You can bet on the number of Twitter followers Sheen will amass by the end of this year and you can also wager on what’s next for the troubled actor. Here are the odds:

To appear on Piers Morgan 7/4

To be sectioned 2/1

To enter rehab 3/1

To tweet that he is God 7/2

To go to prison 4/1

To marry both his Goddesses 8/1

To go AWOL for more than 7 days 10/1

To be taken back on board for another series of Two and a Half Men 10/1

To move in with Mel Gibson 20/1

To announce he’s becoming a scientologist 20/1

To become a Born-Again Christian 25/1

To get back with Denise Richards 33/1

To move into the Playboy mansion 40/1

To win an Oscar 80/1

If you’d like to place a bet, or check out other Charlie Sheen related odds, be sure to head over to Paddy Power today.

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