Las Vegas Super Bowl Predictions Courtesy of Playstation Games

With the NFL Super Bowl taking place this Sunday, many punters have been flocking to various bookmakers to get bets on for what is often described as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’.

However, some Las Vegas residents have been using slightly unusual methods for predicting Sunday’s victors. The Las Vegas Examiner has been using the Madden NFL 11 American football game on the Playstation 3 to determine the winners. They played 100 simulations of Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers and used the results to predict who they believe will win the 45th annual Super Bowl which will be taking place in Texas.

We can confirm that the Packers won 64 of the games played and as a result Las Vegas residents have been betting accordingly. In response to this, Las Vegas casinos such as the Las Vegas Hilton have cut the odds on a Packers win as well as a number of handicap scores.

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