888’s Monthly Video Poker Tournament

It’s the time of month at 888 Casino where video poker players get a chance to showcase their skill in the monthly Video Poker Tournament. The tournament, that takes place on the eighth and ninth of each month, hands out prizes to the top 55 players.

The top prize is up to £3,300 with other prizes varying from £2,500 down to £20. The tournament is split into two days with prizes being handed out on both days and overall prizes being awarded at the end of the second day.

On each day the top prize for the player with the most points is £400 while second receives £200 and third receives £150. There will also be prizes for the next 23 ranked players who have earned points by player 888’s collection of video poker games.

At the end of the promotion, the top five players over the two days will win big prizes from £100 up to £2,500.

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