32Red Casino Pays Out £10.4 Million

The beginning of February has been a very successful month for players at 32Red Casino as the casino has already paid out more than £10 million. In fact, the Microgaming powered casino has actually paid out £10.4 million to many lucky players in just the first six days of the month.

So, in order to mark this impressive figure, the nice folks at 32Red even suggested a way in which you could spend some of those winnings. The idea that they came up with may be slightly extravagant but certainly a nice idea all the same.

They suggested that with the £10.4 million that has been paid out to players this month you could buy two iPhone4’s. But not just any iPhone4, these are diamond studded iPhones with the Apple symbol, main button and side of the phone completely covered in diamonds. There are only two of these phones in the world and 32Red recommends that you buy them both!

At £5 million each, it would even leave you with £400 change which you could maybe even spend on an iPhone case? Or perhaps insurance…

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