Gambling History to be Shown at International Casino Exhibition

The International Casino Exhibition (ICE) is taking place next week at Earls Court, London from January 25 to January 27 and will be showcasing some of the most innovative and exciting new technology in the gambling world.

However, one stand that will be offering a slightly different experience is Clarion, a German gambling internet platform guide, which will be showing off an online jeton museum. For those who are slightly unsure as to what a jeton is, it’s a form of token that has been used for centuries. Among its many uses, jetons have been used as tokens for slot machines and still are in many casinos.

Some of the jetons being showcased are going to be high class-commemorative jetons that evoke interesting histories of rich periods in time. Reinhold Schmitt, creator of the museum said: “Unfortunately we are not able to physically present the jetons at ICE 2011 but we are bringing posters with great pictures.”

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