Stakes Ends in a Three Way Tie

History was made on Wednesday at Romford in Essex as three dogs all tied for first place in the Stakes. The race was over 1,008 yards and while two dogs finishing equal first is highly unusual, three is simply unheard of.

The race took place at 8.50pm and ended with Killishan Masai, Ayamzagirl and Droopys Djokovic all finishing at the exact same time. A photo finish confirmed that there was absolutely nothing to split the three dogs and a three way tie was agreed. The Metro reported that around 100,000 people had bet on the race and the three way win meant that about half of them received a payout.

However, things weren’t so great for punters as those who won only received a third of what they would have done if their dog as been the lone winner.

Coral bookmakers representative Simon Clare said: “The odds on this happening are many millions to one.” He added that it was like winning the national lottery and then being struck by lightning almost immediately after.

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