Casino Games Showing Popularity in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has emerged as a hot-bed of gambling action as statistics have shown that 75% of adults there took part in some form of gambling in 2010.

This impressive figure of 75% of Northern Irish adults is supported largely by the popularity of the National Lottery; with half of all adults eligible to play having bought at least one ticket in 2010. Other popular forms of gambling in the country were land based casinos, arcades and online casinos.

However, this has led to quite high problem gambling figures, with 2% of adults in Northern Ireland considered as having a gambling problem. When compared to the last survey held in the UK, which showed 0.6% of adults had a gambling problem, this will be a worrying figure to many.

A counsellor from Gamblers Anonymous stated that most people who had problems with gambling were younger and tended to both drink heavily and spend time at land based casinos with friends to pass the time.

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