Racing with 888 Casino

888 Casino are staging an exciting race on the 5th of every month with 250 lucky players receiving generous prizes while the top points earner will earn themselves a fantastic prize of £1,500.

In total, 888 Casino will be handing out £15,000 in bonuses to the top 250 winners. This month the race will be taking place on Friday (November 5) and lasts from 00.00 until 23.59 (GMT). In order to qualify for any of these prizes, all you have to do is deposit at least £100 during the hours of the event and then get playing on any of 888 Casino’s impressive range of games to earn points.

If more than one player ends on the same number of total points then the player who achieved that number of points first will be ranked higher. In terms of prizes, the top prize is a £1,500 bonus, while the second and third placed players receive a £750 bonus. The next 247 will also receive bonuses ranging from £25 up to £500.

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