888 Casino’s Blackjack Attack

On the 27th of each month, will 888 Casino giveaway £4,250 to 50 winners in a blackjack-themed event race. Basically, all players have to do is play any of 888 Casino’s blackjack variations on Saturday (November 27) and they will stand a chance of winning prizes that range from £25 up to £1,000. At the end of the day, the players who have earned the highest amount of comp points will be placed in a leaderboard and the top 50 will all win cash prizes.

The first ranked player will be the lucky recipient of £1,000 while the second placed player will receive £750. From there on the prizes are gradually scaled down with players ranked 31st to 50th each winning £25.

In order to qualify for this promotion you must deposit at least £100 during event hours and winning members will be sent an email to let them know of their good fortune.

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