Ladbrokes Announce Increase in Revenue

Ladbrokes, Britain’s largest bookmaker and manager of various online gaming products including the Ladbrokes online casino, has announced 128% profit growth compared to the same period of time last year.

This growth was announced by Ladbrokes as part of an interim statement that was released this morning concerning revenue from the third quarter of this year. The reason for this increase is being largely credited to the World Cup and has come as welcome relief for the Ladbrokes group following unimpressive half year results.

Profit at this stage last year was around £22.4 million while today’s statement lists profit at £51.1 million. Much of this is also thanks to a 17% increase in online gaming which includes a number of Ladbrokes products such as their online casino, sports book and bingo. And with Ladbrokes casino adding new games and improving the all round customer experience offered, Ladbrokes appears to certainly be a casino on the up.

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