Mobile Gambling to be Worth Almost $50 Billion by 2015

British research company, Juniper Research, has published a report which predicts that mobile gambling will be worth an estimated $48 billion per year by 2015. Reasons for the predicted popularity of mobile gaming are that gamblers will be able to play at any time they like, in any location, providing that they have service. The majority of the current mobile gambling market is said to be created by Japan Racing Association’s iPAT service. Britain has also proved to be an area where mobile gambling has thrived.

China’s mobile lottery service, which was recently launched by VODone, is expected to assist in the increase of the market with this area expected to become the third largest in terms of mobile gaming transactions. Add to this the expectation that online gambling may soon be allowed in the US and it becomes entirely feasible that such an amount will soon be being wagered by technology savvy gamblers.

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