Ladbrokes Casino add Support to Right2Bet Campaign

Ladbrokes online casino has joined the likes of Betfair casino by becoming an official partner of the Right2Bet campaign. The Right2Bet campaign is working towards the goal of enabling all European citizens to bet with any licensed operator that they wish to. Along with online casino operators, many media publications and consumer groups, as well as many thousands of individual players, have pledged their support to the campaign.

Right2Bet have been campaigning for countries to allow foreign gambling operators to work in their jurisdiction for a number of years as they claim that ‘fundamental EU laws are being ignored’. Effectively, the state run systems in some countries mean that the freedom of trade laws are not in action and consumers cannot enjoy the best value for money or the highest quality products.

To illustrate this, state owned sites such as those recently ruled against in Germany and Austria have average payouts as low as 50-55%, in comparison to the average payout of 95% that occurs at many online casinos.

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