Kung Fu Comes to PartyCasino

Online super-casino PartyCasino has launched a new slot named Kung Food, which as you may have guessed, is based on the Chinese martial art and some of its most famous participants.

Characters in the new slot include completely fictional characters that go by the names of Bruce Pea, Jet Leek, Jackie Clam, Crispy Duck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Ham. Bruce Pea is naturally the main character and as you play the slot you follow him through a number of features where he has to defeat the other characters in order to become the Kung Food master.

As if this new slot wasn’t enough encouragement to get playing at PartyCasino, the Reload Rollover, Cash-back carnival and many other PartyCasino monthly and weekly bonuses should seal the deal. Plus, when signing up to play at PartyCasino, new players will get their choice of welcome bonuses, which could be up to £3,000.

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