Harrah’s Entertainment pull out of Kansas Casino Deal Again

Las Vegas gaming company Harrah’s Entertainment quit their bid to build and operate the state owned casino, just hours before their proposal was to be considered. A phone call from the gaming giant to Lottery officials in Topeka announced the end of their interest in winning the rights to take charge of the new development which is to be built in the Wichita market in Kansas. No reason was given by Harrah’s Entertainment and vice president for development Trevor Busche could only say that the decision was made after “careful consideration”.

This situation bears much resemblance to the withdrawal of Harrah’s from the same casino development in 2008, when they had actually been chosen to build and operate the site. Then their reasons for withdrawing were not confirmed but suspicion is that the emergence of the recession may have had a strong influence.

The Kansas state Lottery Gaming Facility Review Board are now left to choose from two other bidders who still remain hopeful that they will be put in charge of the project. These are Global Gaming LLC, based in Oklahoma and Iowa based Peninsula Gaming Partners LLC. A decision regarding the successful bidders is expected to be made later this year.

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