£32 Referee Bonus at 32Red Casino

This year’s World Cup tournament has been defined by the decisions made by referees: Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal against Germany, as well as other slip-ups involving the likes of Carlos Tevez, has led football fans to wonder whether referees can accurately make decisions about games. Well, 32Red Casino has decided to challenge the mistakes made by referees at the World Cup, by offering a £32 bonus to players at their casino.

32Red Casino has suggested that, unlike football officials, the online casino doesn’t “make mistakes” and “just enjoys rewarding…players”. To claim your £32 reward from 32Red Casino, simply make a deposit of £32 or more and claim your bonus through the 32Red website. Once you’ve entered your details, you’ll then receive £32 free chips from 32Red Casino.

Whatever your thoughts on World Cup referees, make sure to claim 32Red Casino’s generous new £32 reward. Full terms and conditions for this bonus are available on the casino’s website.

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