World Cup Bonus at 32Red Casino

To celebrate the World Cup, 32Red Casino is offering you a £32 bonus and £10 free for every goal your favourite football team scores during the competition. To take part, all you have to do is deposit £32 at the casino and pick your chosen World Cup team from a list. You’ll then be credited with a £32 bonus and for every goal your team scores during the World Cup, you’ll receive a £10 bonus. This promotion offers a great way of getting behind your favourite footie team – and earning some great bonuses in the process!

The promotion means that, if you pick England as your team and they beat the USA tomorrow, 3-1, you’ll receive a £30 bonus. To redeem the cash, all you have to do is match the bonus amount, meaning you’ll need to deposit £30 on the 13th of June (the day after the match) to claim your £30 goal bonus, bringing your total balance to £60. By taking full advantage of this promotion, you could earn up to £100 extra in bonuses during the World Cup season.

Full details about this promotion are available at the casino and to take part, visit 32Red Casino today.

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