JackpotJoy success stories

We at jackpot.co.uk love to hear about people winning in places we’ve recommended to them, so we were more than pleased when we found out about the following winners over at JackpotJoy:

First off, Carol H won a massive £8,160 playing Price is Right Bingo over at JackpotJoy. When asked how she’s going to spend her winnings, Carol replied “We’re going on holiday to Gran Canary and we’re redecorating the house at the moment so I can make it just the way I want it now.” Good on you, Carol!

Diane C also won an impressive amount on Price is Right bingo. Lucky Diane was awarded £3,207, like Carol, Diane is going to put the money towards a holiday. Diane’s children have also earmarked part of her small fortune, as Diane noted, “the kids want a Wii and a Playstation”. Cheeky!

Over on JackpotJoy’s Bullion Bonanza, Debbie W won an impressive £20,000! Debbie has submitted there’s “a lot” she can do with £20,000, but first she’ll “go on holiday, pay the bills, help out the family and save the rest.” Sounds like you’ve got it all planned out, Debbie!

Lucky Eileen H won nearly £6,000 in her sleep! Eileen had bought some bingo cards but left the computer on overnight as she had to go to sleep. The morning after her daughter woke her up to the news that she had won £5,997. Eileen has decided to “take a nice break in Somerset” with the winnings.

Last but not least, Sandra S won a spectacular £1,415 on Bingo 100. However, Sandra is being sensible with her money and has said she will “spend it wisely”. So far Sandra has decided she will get her “hair done now and buy some new shoes.” Make sure to treat yourself, Sandra!

So, there we have it, 5 lucky winners at JackpotJoy. Maybe you can join them?

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