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Jackpotjoy: The home of the famous Deal or No Deal slot game.
Here are the latest Jackpotjoy jackpot winners….

Bullion Bonanza Winner - Andrew P

Persistence can get you a long way in life and has certainly worked for Andrew P, our most successful Bullion Bonanza Jackpot winner ever!

Last week, Andrew won yet another Jackpot on the game, bringing his total number of big wins to four, making the incredible total of £71,760!

Diamond Bonanza Winner – Adam P

Feeling all sorts of emotions this week was Adam P after winning a great £20,956 Jackpot playing Diamond Bonanza!

A member to the site only since late December, Adam’s fantastic beginner’s luck which has truly knocked him for six.

“I’ve got a sense of euphoria. I’m ecstatic!”

So much so that he hasn’t even begun to start planning what to spend with the substantial pile of cash.

“It’s peace of mind really. I’ll probably buy a new car. I’m not sure what one yet though.”

“My friends and family are shocked. After the penny dropped, there’s just anxiety that it’s all actually real! Thank you so much for the win.”

Adam’s win certainly is real, and will surely come in use for many shopping sprees on January’s many rainy days.

Diamond Bonanza Winner – Manish B

Manish B from North London became one of the latest big winners on Diamond Bonanza, walking away from the popular Slots game with a £24,811 Jackpot!

“I’ve been playing for around a month and won this morning. I’m going to pay off my debts. I’ll be able to manage my finances now!”

“I haven’t ever had this sort of luck in years. My friends and family are really happy for me.”

Manish and a friend will come to London’s West End for a celebratory hotel stay and theatre performance to mark the occasion of his life changing luck.

Bingo Gold Winner - Angela P

Angela P has just won an impressive £9,504 playing in the Jackpotjoy Bingo Gold halls! This follows previous lucky wins on Diamond Bonanza including a £60,466 Jackpot in August and a £36,792 Jackpot in September!

The lucky winner reflects on the moment she realised her latest win and how she keeps doing so well!

“I couldn’t believe I had won. I was in the bath when my husband called me and said I had won.”

“I was a bit gutted and over the moon at the same time, because I wanted to be there the moment it happened!”

“When I win big I usually know. It sounds weird, but when I’m in a good positive mood, I have a feeling it’s going to come, and it did!”

“My advice to other players would be always to think positive. It can happen. It happened for me three times. I love Jackpotjoy Bingo and prefer it over other sites. I never seem to win anywhere else!”

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