Jackpotjoy jackpot winners

Diamond Bonanza Winner – Sandra C

Sandra C’s jaw dropped this week when she won just over £25,000 when she started playing one of Jackpotjoy’s favourite games, Diamond Bonanza!

“I was gob smacked. I won straight away after beginning to play!”

For now Sandra’s keeping her big win under her hat, and hasn’t told the great news to a soul!

“I haven’t told my family and friends. I don’t know how long that will last though. This is my biggest win ever.”

A Jackpotjoy member for the past four years, Sandra enjoys all of its many great games, and is likely to have even more fun now she’s come into so much luck.

“I haven’t got a favourite game. I play a mixture of them all. I like the Bingo games. I go to Bingo occasionally and have won a few times there.”

Congratulations to Sandra who now has a grant lump sum to spend however she eventually chooses, whether she tells people about it or not!

Make sure you are in with a chance of being just as lucky and perhaps winning even bigger Jackpots!

Bingo Gold Winner – Lisa M

This week whilst at home from work recovering from flu, Lisa M got quite a boost through playing Bingo Gold and winning a soothing £23,713.

“I only played because I was off work with flu. I’m normally quite busy. I hadn’t been playing from long and I’m still in shock.”

Once she’s over the shock, the big win will seem far more real, as Lisa M has already got some big home improvements planned.

“I’ll put my winnings towards quite a bit of refurbishment work at home which I have.”

Having only joined Jackpotjoy in late January, Lisa’s certainly of great beginner’s luck, like many past Jackpot winners, some of which have only been playing for minutes and go on to grab hundreds of thousands!

“It was very good fun. It’s a great site.”


One of Jackpotjoy’s most popular and exciting Casino themed games is Blackjack, which constantly pays out impressively to those who give it a go. Blackjack is played with a single deck, and with splits and doubles permitted on most hands. We offer an amazing 99.87% payout rate, making your chances of leaving the table with a heavy pocket very likely!

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