BBC3 investigate proposed UK super-casinos

Huge super-casinos, offering million-pound jackpots and 24-hour gambling, will soon be on their way to Britain, if the Government’s Gambling Bill is passed.

Over a hundred sites have already been earmarked for development throughout Britain.

3 Investigates looks behind the glitz, glamour and headlines, travelling to Australia and America to find out if similar models live up to their promises.

Reporter Mandy McAuley reveals details of some of the secret deals that have already been made between billionaire operators and local councils, who will reap a share of the profits. Currently with the House of Lords, the Bill is designed to overhaul outdated regulations, but it’s the casino element that has caused the most controversy.

Super-casinos are vast complexes with restaurants, bars, entertainment and leisure attractions. The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Tessa Jowell, believes they will boost tourism and jobs.

Hundreds of casinos were forecast, but a media backlash and dissent in Labour’s own ranks has forced the culture secretary into a major climb-down, with the number of planned super-casinos reduced to just eight. Has the Government played a “good hand” badly? 3 Investigates.

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