Intercasino October Newsletter

Following the latest blow to the online gambling industry, we would like to confirm that PartnerLogic remain stronger than ever.

In light of all the recent developments, and all the questions you have, we will do our best in this newsletter to explain everything to you.

Q. What is the current status of the USA Player accounts?
A. We have closed all the player accounts of those living in the USA. All players have been informed of this, and their balances will be returned to them in the next few weeks via check.

Q. What is the current status of my affiliate account?
A. Those living in the USA:
Your accounts remain open. However, you will be unable to wager with your affiliate account in the casino or poker room. Should you wager with your account, this will be suspended and all monies held pending investigation.

Those living outside the USA:
These accounts remain unaffected.

Q. What happens to the players linked to me that live in the USA?
A. These player’s accounts have been closed. Should the situation changes in the future and these accounts are reopened, they will be in exactly the same original status before they were closed, i.e. they will still be linked to your affiliate account and you will start to earn money from these again.

Q. What help can you provide me to break into other markets?
A. If you need help breaking into other markets, please contact your PartnerLogic Affiliate Manager to discuss this further. We can advise on the best markets to target, how to get your site translated / adapted for the new markets. As you know, PartnerLogic and the Inter Brands are very strong in the European and Asian markets, and would like to help you move forward to market these areas.

Q. Are you still accepting new affiliate accounts from those in the USA?
A. We are still accepting new affiliates from all over the world. At the moment, those from the USA will need to contact [email protected] to set this up, but once their account is set up, this will function as normal.

Other Exciting News from PartnerLogic

Release of new games to will be launching some very exciting new games on the 23rd October, including all new adult games Mystique and Thunder from Down Under.

If you want to promote these new games to your players, please contact us for full details, including screen shots and game synopses.

Hold’em Blackjack Tournament for Affiliates at InterPoker
Hold’em Blackjack is new and exclusive to InterPoker. This is the premier player-to-player blackjack game that combines the betting, bluffing, and bullying of Texas Hold’em with the familiar play of blackjack.

We have organised an exciting Hold’em Blackjack tournament for affiliates only. Please see below details on this:

Date: Saturday 14th October
Starting Time: 15:30 GMT
Registration: Opens 12 hours prior to the start time
Prize Fund: $1000 winner takes all!
Seats: There are only 100 seats available at this tournament, so make sure you register early to avoid disappointment!

Bonus Code Ticker
We have created a live feed ticker which you can use on your site to show the latest bonus code to your players. This will automatically update every month, saving you time from manually updating these codes every month.

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