On the whole, blackjack is a fairly simple game. Players count on a mix of luck and skill in order to win – luck to receive the ideal cards and skill to know what to do with them.

A common misconception of blackjack is that you have to score as close to 21 as possible. While this does help, your goal is actually to have a higher score than the dealer without going over 21.

A Casino Classic

  • Blackjack's popularity comes from its simplicity
  • Blackjack's origin stems from a French game vingt-et-un
  • Many variations of blackjack have appeared in online casinos
  • A strategy guide can increase likelihood of winning
Blackjack Table Hands at a blackjack table

Beating Blackjack

In order to have the best chances doing this consistently, there are few things to take into consideration. There's the set up of the game, different variations which include side bets and even progressive jackpots, and of course blackjack strategy which can improve your chances of winning.

Taking all these things into consideration can give blackjack one of lowest house edges of all casino games. To see this for yourself, we recommend paying a visit to the strategy page and particularly the charts that can be found there.

Things to Remember to increase your odds of winning

  • The object of blackjack is to get a higher score than the dealer without going over 21.
  • The house edge of blackjack standard blackjack varies from 0.13% up to 0.6%.
  • Side bets and other variations are available but tend to increase the game's house edge, so stick to standard game.
  • You can only use basic blackjack strategy online but following it can reduce house edge.
  • Basic blackjack strategy demands self control. It may sound simple, but it's easier said than done.
  • Single deck blackjack games invariably offer the best odds in the players' favour.

Where to Play the Best Single Deck Blackjack

It's somewhat of a myth that all single deck blackjack games offer the player better odds. A number of single deck variations payout 6 to 5 to counter the players' advantage, especially at bricks and mortar casinos. However, we're pleased to reveal that the single deck game at Intercasino, Bet365 and Ladbrokes casino pay 3 to 2 on a natural and although the dealer hits on soft 17 they still represent the best deal for players.

Single Deck Blackjack at Intercasino Single deck blackjack at Intercasino - Simple and offers the best odds to the player

Blackjack's a Better Bet Online

When the first online casinos began to emerge in the mid to late 1990s, blackjack was amongst the first batch of casino games that was offered. Even in mobile casinos, which have only recently emerged and consist of a limited number of games, blackjack has become omnipresent.

The transition of blackjack from the casino floor to the internet has opened up the game to a whole new generation and market, further solidifying its reputation as one of the world's most popular gambling games. Why? Here's why...

  • Online you can play blackjack at your own speed. If you like a fast game you can call the cards much faster than on the casino floor.
  • Equally, if you like a more leisurely game there's no obligation to hurry your decisions as there are no other players (unless you are playing multiplayer, a tournament or both).
  • There are so many more variations online. UK land based casinos rarely have any blackjack sidebets but online there are all sorts and even progressive jackpots.
  • Live dealer, multi-hand and multiplayer versions of the game provide players with the option of a more social, near-land-based experience
  • Basic blackjack strategy can be easily implemented without having to memorise the table yourself.
  • With a strategy, you can reduce house edge to around 0.04% compared to around 0.14% in land based casinos.

From Vingt-et-un to Vegas

Example blackjack games Just a small example of the different blackjack variations you can find at online casinos

General consensus is that blackjack is an adaptation of a French card game named vingt-et-un. This game is still played in places today and is extremely similar to blackjack with the exception of the fact that players around the table take turns to act as the dealer.

The first records of vingt-et-un being played hail from the 17th century but it wasn't until the early 1800s that it appeared in casinos outside of France – even then it wasn't very popular.

In a bid to get more people playing vingt-et-un in America, a bonus was added for when players received an ace of spades and a jack of clubs or a jack of spades. The payout for receiving these cards was a generous 10:1 and it was named a blackjack. Unfortunately this huge payout hasn't been used for some time but the name has remained.

Over the years, we have seen the creation of more and more variations of blackjack. Games developers have continually risen to the challenge of adding more entertainment to a game that's pretty basic in its original form – mostly by means of adding one or more side bets.

Games such as Perfect Pairs Blackjack, High Streak Blackjack, Hi Lo 13 Blackjack and Bonus Blackjack are just some of the many blackjack variations that can be found in online casinos. So rest assured that if you do somehow manage to get bored of regular blackjack, there are plenty more options available. A word of warning though, side bets that include large payouts will usually increase the overall house edge of the game.