Blackjack Tournaments

Online blackjack isn't often associated with tournament play; however offline blackjack tournaments in your local casino (if you have one) are second only to slots in popularity.

Normal game rules apply but instead of your cash positive or cash negative position at the end of the game going in (or out of) your pocket, it's reflected in a score and compared to other players. The player with the biggest score at the end of the tournament walks away with the top prize.

Blackjack Tournament feed An example of upcoming blackjack tournaments you may find at most online casinos

Things to know about blackjack tournaments

  • Blackjack tournaments are fairly common in online casinos
  • The objective is to win more chips than other players before the time limit expires
  • Blackjack tournaments may either be scheduled or sit and go
  • Scheduled tournaments generally have bigger prizes

Players pay an entry fee (or buy in as it's called), enter into a tournament and play non-stop for a predetermined amount of time. The same applies online as it does offline. However, online you may be playing at a single seat blackjack table instead of a multiplayer table. Given the choice, always opt for the single seat table.

The nice thing about blackjack tournaments is that you're competing against other players and not the dealer. Because of this, casinos use tournaments to provide a multiplayer feel to the game and have been known to draw in significant numbers of players. This isn't hard to believe when you consider the prize pools can be as big as £20,000 with buy ins as low as just £2.

The two main styles of tournament are scheduled and sit and go. There are pros and cons of each but the below table will help you pick the right one for you.

Scheduled Tournaments
Pre-determined start time
Large prize pools
Take place over extended periods of time
Not likely to exceed one per day
Sit and Go Tournaments
Begin as soon as there are enough people to play
Smaller prize pools
Last no longer than 1 hour
Many take place every day