Blackjack Jackpots

Many people don't associate blackjack with progressive jackpots but we can assure you that blackjack progressive jackpots do exist.

Traditionally, blackjack games have rarely included a progressive jackpot but those ever-inventive casino software developers have found a way of adding a progressive into the equation.

Unsurprisingly, the online jackpot blackjack games that are on offer have proven to be extremely popular. After all, who wouldn't want have the chance to win a big progressive jackpot while playing blackjack?

Our Pick of Progressive Blackjack Games

We've had a look at every progressive blackjack game around, and have hand-picked the following games as the standouts.

  • Triple 7's Progressive Blackjack
    • Software: Microgaming
    • House edge on side bet is 35%. Best time to play when progressive is circa £110,000 as house edge falls to 0.00%. Progressive triggered when three consecutive 7 of diamonds are played. Other consecutive 7s of different suits pay prize. 5-deck.
    • Play at:
      • Jackpot City
      • 32Red
      • Ladbrokes Casino
  • Progressive Blackjack
    • Software: Playtech
    • Basic strategy house edge is 0.49%. £1.00 side bet required for progressive. Much higher house edge on side bet. Jackpot is triggered when player has four consecutive aces (same suit) from the first card in the hand. Best time to play is when the jackpot is circa £85,000. 6-deck.
    • Play at:
      • bet365 Casino
      • William Hill Casino
  • Progressive Blackjack
    • Software: Cryptologic
    • Basic strategy house edge is 0.49%. £1.00 side bet required for progressive. House edge on side bet is much higher but reduces as it increases. Best time to play when progressive is circa £125,000 as odds move in your favour. 8-deck.
    • Play at:
      • Intercasino

Improve Your Odds of Winning Progressive Blackjack

When to Play

In most cases progressive jackpot blackjack games play out exactly the same as standard blackjack. However, in order to qualify for the progressive you must place a side bet in addition to your original wager. A percentage of this side bet (usually 20-30%) goes to the progressive fund which helps the jackpot grow.

However, it's important to note that it's only worth placing a side bet when the jackpot reaches a certain size. If you place the side bet before this point you are just increasing the house edge of the game to a ridiculous amount and subsequently drastically reducing your chances walking away up.

How to Play

So you've found your progressive blackjack game, the jackpot is at the right amount giving you a better chance of winning, now it's time to play.

It's important to not lose your head in the heat of the moment and remember to employ your basic blackjack strategy skills. With so much money at stake it's going to be hard, but in the long run, well worth it.

To highlight its importance, we will reiterate that the golden rule is to stick to basic blackjack strategy even when playing progressive jackpot blackjack.

Blackjack Jackpot Games

As blackjack jackpot games can be quite hard to find, we thought it would be helpful if we did the searching for you. We've come up with a couple of the very best blackjack jackpot games.

Playtech's Progressive Blackjack

When to play: Progressive jackpot is circa: £85,000

To be eligible for the progressive jackpot, simply click on the coin slot above the wager field. As with all progressive jackpots a percentage of this side bet goes into the pot and increases the jackpot even more.

As you would expect from a progressive blackjack game, most of the variables are stacked in the casino's favour. The dealer stands on all 17s, there's no option to surrender and you can't re-split.

The extra payouts are given out when your cards match any of the combinations listed below:

4 suited aces consecutively
3 suited aces
5,000x side bet
4 aces
2,500x side bet
3 aces
250x side bet
2 suited aces
100x side bet
1 ace
5x side bet

Cryptologic's Atlantic City Progressive Blackjack

When to play: Progressive jackpot is circa: £125,000

This much underrated version of progressive blackjack is based entirely on the Atlantic City rules with the exception of shuffling after each hand and no re-splitting (aces or otherwise). The progressive jackpot itself starts (seeded) at an impressive £50,000 and only requires you to place a £1 side bet in order to be eligible to win it.

The dealer stands on all 17s, there's no surrender option and the cards are re-shuffled after every hand. With regard to splitting, doubling after splitting and re-splitting is not allowed and only one additional card is given to each hand after you split aces.

The game can also be played by all wallets with different versions available with betting limits ranging from £2 all the way up to £5,000. Payouts are similar to those of Playtech Progressive Blackjack except that the lower payouts are smaller. However, this is made up for by the fact that rather than having to have four suited aces to win the jackpot, all you need are four red or four black aces.

4 red aces or 4 black aces
3 suited aces
4 unsuited aces
3 unsuited aces
2 suited aces
2 unsuited aces

Microgaming's Triple 7's Blackjack

When to play: Progressive jackpot is circa: £110,000

Triple 7's provides a different approach to progressive jackpot blackjack. The standard rules are the same as Microgaming's multi-hand blackjack except you can't play more than one hand.

An extra bet of one credit is placed automatically which enables players to be eligible for the jackpot. If the first two cards dealt to a player are 7s of any suit then a bonus payout is won. Then if a third seven is dealt then you win an even bigger payout. If all of those sevens happen to be diamonds then you've won the progressive jackpot.

The full side bet payouts are below:

Three consecutive diamond 7s
Three same suit 7s
1,000 credits
Three 7s of any suit
250 credits
Two same suit 7s
50 credits
Two 7s of any suit
25 credits
One 7 of any suit
5 credits