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Bingos UK is an online pioneer of this noble British sport known as bingo and currently one of the only UK based online bingo sites worthy of recommendation by Jackpot. Bingos is a bright, well laid out site with two top notch British 90 ball bingo games. Carry On Bingo and Royal Hall. Carry On Bingo is just £0.10p per card with prizes for one and two lines at a reasonable £2.06 and a full house pays out from £3.33 to around £10.00. Although the prizes at Bingos won't make you instantly rich, at 10p per stake we're not complaining. What could make you rich and shout 'Bingo' are the very generous Jackpots on the Bingos site. When we visited Bingos their Jackpots stood at £2,854.00 so if you are lucky you could win almost £3,000.00 on just 10p!


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Bingos is run on the ever popular Parlay software. Parlay have led the way with US bingo style 75 ball bingo and are now set to do the same here with UK 90 ball bingo. They are the online bingo experts so you can be assured that you are playing the very best games with the very best customer support available. There are online moderators in the live chat rooms on hand to answer any questions you may have (stick to bingo questions, they are too busy to contemplate metaphysics). You can also send email �tickets� that are answered promptly and accurately.

There are a number of fun features on Bingos such as the designer dauber. This allows you to create your own dauber in your favourite shape and colour; you could pick a pretty pink heart or a freaky green smiley face depending on your mood. You can also choose to have the numbers called out loud or not�handy for that sneaky game in the office whilst �clearing out your inbox�.

The very best thing about Bingos is the chat. Just think you could arrange regular games with your friends and family. Just arrange to meet at Bingos, the perfect combo of buddies, bingo and cold hard cash prizes! All the benefits of your local Mecca Bingo hall without running the risk of ending up sitting next to batty Berol the bingo granny and her collection of lucky teddies.

Also worthy of a mention are the Bingos fruit machines and other instant win style games on offer. When you're waiting for the next game to start you can have a quick play on a range of games that are perfectly suited to your bingo mood. Fruit Machines, Blackjack and Video Poker all feature.

When you do start chatting online you will notice that 'the greater spotted' online bingo player have a peculiar language all of their own. Often known as �bingo lingo� it is an odd mix between bingo slang and text message style abbreviations. Don't worry we have an in depth bingo lingo to English dictionary page here to help you out . You'll soon get the hand of it and will be making up your own words before you know it! Just don't tell the kids!

Bingos is one of the pioneers of UK online bingo and we think they will stand the test of time so take advantage of there generous new player match bonus of up to £140 free! So set those balls a rollin' and let's play Bingos!


A recent player won over £6,000!


Look out for some of the bingo nut's in the chat room�what are they talking about!?

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