Online Casino Beginners Guide

Choosing the right online casino to play at can be the difference between having a safe, enjoyable and rewarding time or at worst, not having your winnings paid or even having your personal details and credit card information abused. All the UK online casinos on Jackpot are tested thoroughly. This beginners guide to online casinos will provide you with some invaluable information and help you have a safe and rewarding time gambling online.

Beginners Guide

Other sections in this Beginners Casino Guide include:

 Free Online Casino Software?

All online casinos give you their software for free in the hope that your gaming will subsi dise the cost of the software.

You can either download the casino software, play online (using Flash or Java) or in some cases order the free CD-ROM. Downloading shouldn’t take more than 25 - 30 minutes on a 56k modem. Most casinos however offer a Flash versions of their casino software, often referred to as ‘no download version’. This is perfect if you’re in the office or want a quick game without the hassle of downloading.

 Try Before you Buy!

Online casinos and game sites offer just about every game that you would expect to find at a traditional land-based casino as well as some new games you will only find online. We strongly recommend that before deposing any of your own money you play with fun money. Most casinos call this either ‘Play for Free’ or ‘Play for Fun’. Be sure to play with fun money before making a deposit to hone your skills and get a feel for the games. Once you’re ready, you can take the plunge and deposit real money.

 Claim your Casino Bonus

Most online casinos offer a bonus to new players on their first deposit. Some like Intercasino offer one every month. While it shouldn't be your only decision when deciding where to spend yourt money, it’s nice to try out different games with these bonuses knowing that it’s not actually your money. You always have to wager a certain amount of chips before making a cash withdrawal, this is known as Wagering Requirements. This prevents people abusing the system by depositing money then drawing it strait back out along with the extra bonus money without actually playing. Always check the casino website for full bonus terms and conditions.

Casinos offering a ‘Match Bonus’ or ‘100% Bonus’ will match your initial deposit with an equal amount of free bonus chips. For example, if you deposit £50, the casino will match your deposit with and extra £50 free giving you £100 to play with. Again, always read the terms and conditions.


 What is a Communication Failure/Error?

When playing in Play for Real mode sometimes your connection with the gaming server is lost. When this happens a �Communication Failure' error pops up. If this happens exit the application, restart the application then log back in. Your game state before the failure should have been recorded, if you think your account state looks different contact customer support immediately explaining what happened and they will rectify any problems.

 Why do online casino sites give away bonuses?

Gaming sites are happy to give you the opportunity of trying out their games and seeing how they operate without initially spending too much of your own money. You will find that as a regular player at any of the casinos listed here that you will be included in special promotions and be able to enter all sorts of contests.

 What casino games can I play online?

Almost any! Name any game you would expect to find in a land-based casino and you will be able to find it online. In addition to this there are other games you can play commonly known as instant win games. These Instant Win games range from slot machines to bingo games and are games of luck rather than skill.

 Game fairness

Game outcomes at all online casinos are unpredictable and based on statistically random numbers to that the outcomes can't be tampered with. Random numbers are generated through the use of a Randonm Number Generator (RNG) which is essentially a Geiger-Müller Tube Detector, which detects minute [and random] changes in natural background radiation. These random numbers are then translated into a card, a reel on a slot machine or roulette ball. All casinos on Jackpot use a Geiger-Müller Tube Detector. We do not accept casinos that that use software based RNG's.

 Is gambling online legal?

In some countries gambling online is illegal. However, in the UK wagering online is legal.


 Is my privacy ensured?

All sites listed on Jackpot have a Privacy Policy. Always make sure you read this before making a deposit and check if the site complies with United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1998. If they do, you can rest assured that your personal information will not be passed to a third party without your permission.

 How do I get support?

All casino and gambling sites have some sort of customer support available. Quality 24/7 customer support is a crucial part of a good gaming experience. As most games differ from site to site, it's important that good Customer Support is always available. Before making your first deposit, put them to the test by sending an email or calling their free phone number and ask them about the bonuses they offer. The quicker the response the better the site.

 Keep a record

Record important information when you register at a casino like: casino name, casino website address, your login name (or number), your password, the amount you bought in for, etc. There is nothing worse than having a casino account and not remembering the password. Resetting the password is pretty easy but can be time consuming and your time may be better spent enjoying a few bets on the tables.



Only gamble with money you can afford to lose so you can still enjoy the game.

 Bonus Terms

Take a look at the casino's rules and policies, wagering requirements for bonuses, support (should be 24/7 phone assistance), minimum deposit amount and privacy policy.


Make sure you are able to gamble "for real money" at the casino from the country you reside in. At some casinos, depending on where you live and their policies (and legal issues too), you may not be eligible to gamble or collect any winnings. Be sure to check before you download the casino. For more information see our section on Online Casino Regulation.


 Setting yourself goals

Make a goal for your winnings and gamble only with the leavings. In other words, raise your lower limit as your money accumulates.

 Take it easy

Relax, don't get excited and carried away when you're on a winning streak by increasing the size of your bets/hands. If you do increase your bets, do it gradually and in a controlled fashion. After all, what goes up fast also does down fast, even faster.

 Too tired?

Don't play when you're tired. A simple rule but one often forgotten.

 Don't get drunk

An even simpler rule but we've all done it at somepoint and felt the pain later! Beers and chips don't mix.

 Check the minimum wager

Play only on games whose minimum wager requirement you can afford.

 Be a good loser

If you're losing, leave the game either after five consecutive losses, or when you have reached your predetermined low limit . The reverse applies, when you're winning, quit while you're ahead!


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