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Jackpot.co.uk is owned and operated by Jackpot Gaming Ltd. A UK based company with its head office in London.

The Jackpot website was launched in November 2004 and is an online casino and gambling information directory for UK online casinos. Or simply put online casinos that take Sterling wagers.

Jackpot has been built by gaming enthusiasts for gaming enthusiasts and is specifically tailored to those new to the online casino phenomena. With the impending deregulation of gambling in the UK we thought now would be the best time to launch such a site. Never before has the UK been so hungry for casinos and gambling, online and offline.

All the staff members at Jackpot have had at least 5 years experience in the betting industry and mainly come from bricks and mortar casinos where they cut their teeth as pitbosses, hosts, junketeers or in the case of one, a supervisor (we love to hate them).

Each and every site featured on this website has been reviewed and played by at least one of our staff members.

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