8 Simple Rules of Casino Bonuses

In the heat of the moment it's easy to get carried away and forget the rules. If you're going to take away anything from Jackpot.co.uk's bonus section, make it this list of simple rules...

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  1. Always read the terms and conditions of a bonus.

    It's a first and most important rule for a reason. There's nothing worse than doing well on a bonus then realising you've infringed the bonus terms.

  2. Don't play excluded games.

    If you read the terms, pay particular attention to what games you can and can't play. If you do want to play games that aren't meant for the bonus make sure your winning won't be voided beforehand.

  3. Don't double up on bonuses.

    Easy now tiger, only take one bonus at a time. Some casinos let you take more than one bonus at a time. But doubling up on bonuses causes confusion and can end in tears.

  4. Know your wagering requirements.

    You need to know what the wagering requirements are for the bonus you've taken and your 'Bonus + Deposit' from your 'Bonus' only. It makes a difference.

  5. Know the difference between cashable and non-cashable.

    Do you get to keep the bonus and the winnings from the bonus (cashable) or just the winnings (non-cashable)? Cashable is always best.

  6. Games with a higher house edge have bigger bonuses.

    Slots bonuses are always the most generous as they have a high house edge. Games such as blackjack, roulette and video poker with a lower house edge have less generous bonuses attached to them.

  7. Make sure you allow casinos to email you.

    If you don't allow the casino to contact you, you'll rarely get to hear about other bonuses and promotions. If you don't fancy having emails from the casino, set up another email address just for gambling and use that.

  8. Take it easy.

    Don't play like a high roller if you're not. Enjoy the experience and don't start doubling up when you have a winning streak or vice versa. For most people settling on a bet size that's between 0.1% and 0.5% of your total balance will ensure you have a good run at it and walk away happy rather than feeling like you've been robbed.